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Education & Training


  Education & Training

  Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LVRI, CAAS),founded in 1957, is one of the outstanding institution involved in study of preventive veterinary medicine in China. LVRI is also a key center for graduate education and training in preventive veterinary science in China.

  LVRI currently has 290 employees, among which are about 250 research staff, including more than 80 senior scientists. Among the research scientists 17 are Ph.D. supervisors.

  It offers both PhD and M.S. degrees in 5 research fields, such as etiology and epidemiology for animal infectious diseases, veterinary microbiology and molecular biology, veterinary parasitology and molecular biology, animal vaccinology and molecular immunology, zoonosis and veterinary public health, and it also offers M.S. degree in veterinarian.

  LVRI insists people-oriented concept, focus on creating a good learning environment for students. It has developed diverse ways such as master-doctoral program, excellent courses to enhance students’ ability of independent thinking, self-study and innovative practice. The characteristic training model of LVRI is noted for excellent teaching, broad academic exchanges, scientific and rigorous evaluation mechanism, good experimental platform and various activities, which inspire students up on research and benefit for their career development.

  Young students from every corner of the world are welcome to join in LVRI to continue their education and training as a post-graduate or postdoctoral in veterinary, thus to achieve their dream of being an outstanding scientist in preventive veterinary science.

  Address: NO 1 xujiaing, Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu province, 730046, P.R. China.

  Tel: 86-931-8342166

  E-mail: lsykyc@caas.cn

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