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  The State Key Laboratory on Veterinary Etiological Biology (SKLVEB) was initially established in 2006 according to the guideline from the Ministry of Science and Technology. After passed the national evaluation, it was named as SKLVEB in 2010.. As one of the most important laboratories in China for now, the laboratory is affiliated in the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute.

  The research works of SKLVEB are mainly focuses on important livestock epidemic diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease, swine vesicular disease, swine fever, Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and so on, the works including the basic and applicable researches on the causative pathogens. The laboratory is  opened to all the scientists from the national or international institutions in order to  made great progress and achievements in basic theory, technology and materials to support the development of the disease control measures.

  Scientific Research Area

  Functional Genomics:

  By using genomics, functional genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics as target to explore molecular structure and the functions of genes or proteins from pathogens, aim to find out candidate genes for the development of diagnosis and vaccine.

  Infectiousand Pathogenic Mechanism:

  Focus on the interactions between virus-virus and virus-host, study the structure and functions of pathogen molecules aim to reveal the molecular mechanism of infection between hosts and pathogens interactions;

  Pathogen Etiology Researches:

  Focus on patho-ecology and molecular phylogenetics, implication of epidemiological mechanism, virus replication and translation mechanisms, find out the relationship of etiology environmental control technology and pathogenesis of viral infection

  Immunology Mechanism:

  Focuses on the immunity of antigen from different molecular level, reveal the mechanism of pathogenesis and host immunity.

  Early Warning and Comprehensive Disease Prevention:

  Trace the epidemic roots aim to provide early warning for the disease; develop high throughput diagnostic methods and new molecular vaccines, provide technical support for the effective prevent and control for animal diseases.

  Directorate board

  Director:Prof .  Hong Yin      

  Vice-directors:Prof. Xiangtao Liu

     Prof . Xing-quan Zhu

  Assistant:     Prof . Jianhong Guo