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Dr Yanmin Li Joined the Chinese Delegation Conducted a Mission in Italy


Dr Yanmin Li Joined the Chinese Delegation Conducted a Mission in Italy

     On invitation from the Ministry of Health, Italy, Dr Yanmin Li from the OIE/National Reference Laboratory for FMD representing the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), along with other 4 delegates from the MOA and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) went to Italy for a mission on 30th May - 10th June, 2016. The Chinese delegates visited 1 breeding pig farm, 1 fattening pig farm; 2 slaughter houses; 2 pork/ham/sausage processing/production plants; and 2 Experimental Zooprophylaptic Institutes located in the 3 regions in the north of Italy including Lombardy, Emillia-Romagna and Veneto. An on-the-spot inspection and investigation were carried out during each visit to evaluate the national prevention and control scheme and policy for the Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD) in Italy. The validation and the risk analysis have been done from various aspects including regulations and policy, management, surveillance programme and the diagnostic technology/strategy and the capacity.    

     While visiting the Italian National/OIE/FAO FMD and SVD Reference Laboratory, Dr Li had a good discussion with Dr Brocchi, the head of the laboratory,  regarding the production and the assembly of the diagnostic kits and the collaboration between the Italian and Chinese FMD Reference Laboratories. At the close meeting on 9th June, Dr Noé, the Director General for hygiene, food safety and nutrition, on behalf of the Ministry of Health, thanked the delegates for this mission and appreciated very much for the feedback from the delegates. The delegates expressed their gratitude to the Ministry of health and all for all cooperation and help they have received during the investigation and inspection. It is believed that this visit will benefit the improvement of the exportation of the livestock and the meat products from Italy. 


OIE/National Reference Laboratory for FMD

                                                                                           15th June 2016