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Pof. Yongsheng Liu and other three staff went to Hungary to conduct academic exchange


  During November 3-9, 2018, on the invitation of Dr. Katalin Vityi, general director of RT-Europe research center, Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. Prof. Yongsheng liu, Prof. Jie Zhang, Dr. Xiaowei Gong, Dr. Qiwei Chen visited Hungary and conducted academic exchanges, which strengths the establishment of LVRI-RT-ERC joint Lab and boosts sino-hungary science and technology (S&T) cooperation.

  On 4th, under the host of Dr. Kalman Sandor Szenthe, Prof. J.Rajicani delivered a lecture titled “Peptide Vaccines (herpesvirus examples): New Solution avoiding the autoimmune response”. He introduced how to screen the different immunogenic epitopes of EBV through bioinformatics, and using these epitopes bound to microparticle to design vaccine. After the presentation, Dr Yongsheng Liu and Prof. J.Rajicani had extensive discussion on types of prevalent strains of mycoplasma, the commercial vaccine of mycoplasma in Hungary, and prevention and control strategies of mycoplasma. Both sides agreed that the establishment of LVRI-RT-ERC Joint Lab marks the beginning of a new era in cooperation on animal mycoplasma disease prevention and control between two institutions. It will provide the international cooperation platform for deepening and enhancing the academic and personnel exchanges, and preventing and controlling animal epidemic diseases. Both sides need to apply more projects in the future to promote cooperation.

  On 5-7th, under the host of Dr. Ferenc Banati, A seminar between Hungary experts and the scientists from our institute had a face to face discussion and information exchange on bacterial infectious disease, salmonella, riemerella anatipestifer and further searched for future cooperation projects. Dr Xiaowei Gong delivered a lecture titled “Advances in the study of avian mycoplasma in China”, and Dr Qiwei Chen deliverd a lecture titled“Interplay Between the Phenotype and Genotype, and Efflux Pumps in Drug-Resistant Strains of Riemerella anatipestifer”.

  This visit was funded by the 7th session of China-Hungary inter-governmental Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation (7-7) and Science and Technology Plan Project of Gansu Province (17YF1WA170), Which marks a new beginning in the field of research on mycoplasma disease. (Bacterial Disease in Grazing Animal Team, LVRI)