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The International Training Workshop on Major Transboundary Animal Diseases (TADs) FMD, PPR and Sheep/Goat Pox Diagnostic Technologies 2018 Has Been Held in Lanzhou Successfully


  The International Training workshop on Major Transboundary Animal Diseases FMD, PPR and Sheep/Goat Pox Diagnosis Technology has been held in Lanzhou successfully on 11th-25th November 2018. It is sponsored by the Department of International Cooperation of MOST, Beijing, China; and the project is responsible by Dr Zhidong Zhang, the programme leader for the viral diseases in glazing animals; and Dr Yanmin Li, the deputy head for the Chinese National/OIE Reference Laboratory for FMD. The workshop was hosted by the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute (LVRI), CAAS. In total of 23 scientists from 8 countries including Bangladesh, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nepal,  Nigeria, Pakistan and The Republic of Sudan participated in this training workshop.

  On behalf of the LVRI, Dr Hong Yin, the director of LVRI, extended a warm welcome to all of the participants at the open ceremony and stressed that the technologies to be trained from this workshop will play an important role in the prevention and control of FMD, PPR and Sheep/Goat Pox diseases.

  Experts from the Chinese National/OIE Reference Laboratory for FMD, the team of viral diseases in glazing animals and other innovation programme teams from LVRI have provided various lecturers on the prevention and control of major trans-boundary animal diseases including FMD, PPR, Sheep/Goat Pox, African Swine Fever Disease and swine digestive tract virus diseases and Mycoplasma diseases. The management of an ABSL-3 laboratory and quality control in a diagnostic laboratory have also been introduced and discussed, respectively. The hands-on practice training has been conducted on eleven molecular and serology tests for diagnosis of FMD, PPR and Sheep/Goat Pox.

  A symposium was held on 16th Nov to provide an opportunity to all participants for everyone to introduce the situation of transboundary animal diseases and the veterinary organization(s) as well as the local culture and custom from their countries.

  During the training workshop, a tour to the ISO17025 accredited FMD diagnosis laboratory, the parasitological specimen room and the workshop of CAVET Company and other places in the campus of LVRI were taken by the participants. They have also paid a visit to the Gansu Museum and Scientific and Technology Museum in Lanzhou on 17th Nov for them to know more about the local culture and the history of Gansu.

  The close ceremony was held on 23rd November, Professor Xiu Yang, the director of the Department of the international cooperation, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, congratulated the participants for them completing the training and valued the training workshop in improving the prevention and control of the TADs in the participating countries. He hoped that the trainees could take the full advantage of this international training workshop to learn the scientific technology and build up the friendship between them, as well as to promote the international cooperation between different countries. Dr Hong Yin, the director of the LVRI, CAAS expressed warmly congratulations to all of the participants for them successfully completed the training. He believed that the workshop will improve the capability of diagnosis for the major transboundary animal diseases from all participating countries. And it will promote the international scientific collaboration between LVRI and different countries in the future. Participants expressed their great gratitude to organizers for the opportunity provided and the supervision they received from this training workshop and wish to have a chance collaborating with LVRI in the future.

  The Chinese National/OIE Reference Laboratory for FMD

  26th November 2018