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Scientistsfrom The Institute attended "The 2017 Regional Animal Health Laboratory Technical Advisory Group (Lab-TAG) Meeting"


  At the invitation of food and agriculture organization(FAO) of the United Nations, Professor ZhidongZhang and assistant researcherLyvLyvfrom the institute attended "The 2017 regional animal health laboratory technical advisory group (lab - TAG) meeting, which was held on November 20-22,2017 in SiemReap, Cambodia. More than 30 representatives from China, the United States, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore FAO and OIE, the IAEA and other international organizations attended the meeting. The meeting focused on topicsassociated with the diagnosis and control of avian influenza, Foot-and-mouth disease, peste des petitsruminants, rabies, and swine diseases.Participants discussednew strategies to improve andstrengthen the laboratory policy and laboratory information systems in the Region.At the meeting,Professor ZhidongZhang suggested ways forwards forresolving concernsassociated with the diagnosis and control of the diseases in the region. The meeting not only further promoted collaboration in monitoring and diagnosis ofthe diseases above in the region, but also strengthened the cooperation and communication between the laboratories and international organizations.All participates agreedthat information sharing betweenregional laboratories should be encouraged.

A group photo of all of the participants

Prof. Zhidong Zhang gave the presentation at the meeting

Poster “The study of foot-and-mouth disease and pest des petitsruminants diseases” from the institute