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OIE &China National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Reference Laboratory


OIE &China National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Reference Laboratory

  OIE/China National Foot-and-Mouth Disease Reference Laboratory, formerly known as the FMD Research Group under Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LVRI,CAAS), formed in 2002 according to instruction from MOA of P.R China. In 2011, the World Assembly of Delegates of the OIE confirmed the designation of LVRI as a new OIE Reference Laboratory for FMD. Prof. Xiangtao Liu is the head of the laboratory and the OIE designated expert.

  The LVRI was founded 1957,  and is one of the outstanding institution involved in study of preventive veterinary medicine in China. The current director of institute is Prof. Hong,Yin. The LVRI is located in an elaborate site where it backs up the Xujia mountain forest park and faces on a mother river -Yellow River, a northwestern city in China.

  The FMD laboratory is well-equipped with advanced infrastructures. One BSL-3 and 2 ABSL-3 animal experimental laboratories are in use and a BSL-4 is under construction. Currently, it owns 10 research groups with 9 professors, 12 association professors and 35 permanent staff. There are more than 100 scientists, visiting scholars, and graduates studying or being trained in the laboratory per year.

  Up to now, the laboratory has been engaged in studies of etiological biology, epidemiology, pathology, immunology, diagnostics and development of vaccine of FMD. The achievements have benefited the prevention and control of FMD in China.

  Improving techniques for prevention and control of FMD is our ultimate goal. Your care and collaboration with us will be warmly welcomed and appreciated.

  Working Frame & technological platform 

  1) Technical consultation and service

  Including FMDV isolation and identification, serological diagnosis, epidemiological surveillance, tracing virus source, recommendation for vaccination, et al. On the basis of the confirmative tests, providing the epidemiological analysis report and risk assessment. In addition, providing training courses to technicians who are involved in FMD prevention and control programme.

   2)Scientific research

  Etiology Research Platform: Focuses on gene structure and function of FMDV, development of the novel diagnostic techniques and methods.

  Molecular Epidemiology Research Platform: Focuses on establishment of epidemiological and genomic databases, studies on patho-ecology and molecular phylogenetics, implication of epidemiological mechanism.

  Immunology Research Platform: Focuses on study of the immunity and infection of FMDV on molecular level, pathogenesis and immunization mechanism.


  3) R&D on techniques and products for FMD prevention and control Diagnostic techniques: development of diagnostic methods with characteristics meets international requirements as well as rapid diagnostic tests and high throughput diagnostic techniques. Development of vaccines: undertaking researches on development of inactivated vaccine, genetic engineering vaccine, molecular markers vaccine, and vaccine for strategic reserve.

  4)Resources Bank of antigenand virus strain: Collection and preservation of the Chinese epidemic FMDV isolates; importation of reference FMDV isolates and epidemic isolates from the foreign countries. Public open laboratory: Containing an ABSL-3 certified by CNAS and diagnostic production factory passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.


  5)Foreign Services

  Confirmation of FMD outbreaks, identification of agent and nucleic acids sequence analysis(free)

  Serological tests, immune effect evaluation and risk assessment

  Vaccine-matching and Vaccine Banks,FMD Cross-protection

  Providing reference material

  Consulting diagnosis laboratory construction

  Evaluate the disinfectant product against FMDV

  Technical consulting and training

  Opening Lab (ABSL-3 )


  Prof.Jianhong Guo

  Tel: +86-931-8342710,8342585

  Fax: +86-931-8342052

  Email: liuxiangtao@caas.cn;guojianhong@caas.cn