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Brief Introduction of Innovative Team for GI infection & Mucosal Immunity of Swine & Poultry.


  The Innovative Team for GI infection & Mucosal Immunity of Swine & Poultry was found in 2014, and is majoring in the pathogenesis and mechanisms of mucosal immuno-responses induced by the microorganism infected in chicken/pig gastrointestinal tract (GI)/mucosal tissues, such as Eimeria spp., Clostridium perfringens, porcine circovirus 2. We are on the trek to the objectives for perfecting the “gut” health of swine/poultry, and enhancing the economic effectiveness of their production. Our research interests are as follows:

  1. The pathobiology (epigenetic regulations of virulence synthesis), Omics, and molecular epidemiology of the pathogens infected in the GI of swine/poultry.

  2. Mucosal innate and adaptive immunity against pathogens infected in GI of swine/poultry, and their epigenetic regulations.

  3. Computer-aided design of (bio)pharmaceuticals for infections and gut mucosal repair through the drug target discovery, combined chemical library, and molecular (antigen) designing. Currently undertaking grants: 3 NSFC projects, 1 GSSFC project, 1 special fund of Innovative Program of CAAS.