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Description of Bacterial Disease in Grazing animal Team


  Bacterial diseases is a serious threat not only to animal health, but also to human health and food security in the world. The object of the team is to develop the diagnostic kits and vaccine of the bacterial pathogen, and the elucidation of bacterial pathogenesis, including molecular and cellular mechanism. The Innovative Research Group of Bacterial Disease in grazing animal consisting of 13 senior or junior scientists and experts focuses on the prevention and control of the infectious bacterial pathogen of farm animals including the mycoplasma, pathogenic coccidian and pasteurella, etc.

  Chief Scientist:

  Prof. Yongsheng Liu, PhD

  Key members:

  Prof. Yuefeng Chu, PhD (mycoplasma bovis)

  Associate Prof. Ping Zhao (caprine mycoplasma)

  Associate Prof. Xuerui Li, PhD (pathogenic coccidian)

  Associate Prof.Fuying Zheng,PhD(pathogenic mechanism and resistant mechanism of the bacteria)

  Associate Prof.Xi Lan,PhD (Klebsiella Pneumoniae and PEDV)

  Assistant Prof. Jianhua Zhou

  Assistant Prof. Xiaowei Gong

  Assistant Prof. lina Ma

  Assistant Prof. Huafang Hao

  Assistant Prof. Qiwei Chen

  Assistant Prof. Shengli Chen

  Assistant Prof. Xiaoan Cao 

  Funding for our research comes from numerous sources including the MOST, MOA, NSFC, CAAS innovation fund and LVRI