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Foot-and-Mouth Disease Prevention and Control Technology Team


  Innovation Research Team of FMD Prevention and Control Technology,is make up of FMD immunology research group, FMD epitope peptide vaccine research group, FMD diagnosis research group. The aims of the group are to study the conventional vaccine, novel FMD molecular vaccines, virus strains of FMD and key technology research of vaccine production, to develop the rapid, sensitive, specific, low-cost and convenient new diagnosis kits, which will lay a good foundation for development of the novel biological reagents and technologies to prevention and control FMD in our country.

  Funding for our research comes from numerous sources including the state "863" plan, National Key Research and Development Program of China, National Pig Industrial System, the state support plan, NSFC, CAAS innovation fund, and the Key Technology R&D Program of Gansu Province of China.

  Chief Scientist:

  Prof Yongguang Zhang,

  Key members:

  Prof Yonglu Wang, PhD (Key Technology Research of Vaccine Production)

  Assoc Prof Li Pan, PhD (Novel Molecular Vaccines)

  Prof Huiyun Chang, PhD (Immunology and Pathogen Monitoring)

  Prof Jie Zhang, PhD (Diagnosis Technology Research)

  Prof Yuefeng Sun, PhD ( immune mechanism research)